I was driving down Dempster on Friday night, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign that said “Wheelchair Servicing.” I told my partner we were going to see what that was, and I turned the car around, pulled into the small retail mall, and at the end of the mall was a business called, “[Midwest Mobility]”

We went in, and I was greeted by Geoff, the owner, and his service man who works on the wheelchairs. We talked a bit on what needed to be done on my wheelchair. The service man took it to the back of the store, steam cleaned it, tightened up the “wiggle,” and replaced the two arm rests. A really great improvement for a tune up! Feels light new!!

I was really impressed by his customer skills, and the eagerness he had for getting me back my wheelchair in tiptop shape! Quite by accident I found this place, and I’m very glad I did, because I did not think that there were any mobility Wheelchair stores in the area. The store is a modest size, and deals with a few different types of mobility services, including mobile wheelchairs WHICH ONE CAN RENT if need be! I am so glad I found this shop. The repair prices were decent, the replacement parts were affordable, and he was able to look at his inventory to see if other parts on my wheelchair could be replaced.

I heartily recommend anyone who has mobility assisted devices to seriously check him out. I was very pleased with his service, and I now know if I need any parts for my wheelchair, he’s right there to help.