After an unexpected accident near our home last week I ended up coming home from the hospital after emergency surgery for a broken ankle. A friend dropped off a walker- but the emotional and physical exhaustion made getting around in a walker overwhelming- and I’m fit and 51! Friday afternoon I relented and decided… I need a wheelchair to be able to simply move from one room of our house to the other. I googled “wheelchairs near me” and found Midwest Mobility. They immediately offered a few solutions- we decided to buy a transporter style instead of renting- and the owner Geoff offered to deliver it after he closed- on a Friday night no less! Just having the wheel chair gives me peace of mind and confidence that I can finally get out of bed and to the couch which is actually a big deal right now. We realized that my leg should be straight when sitting and Geoff was able to add a piece to the wheelchair with an extension. While you can possibly get the same chair via Amazon they did not guarantee a shipping date- I say buy local and support this independently owned business. Five stars for Midwest Mobility!